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Besides confirming that the replacement for the A2000 is only four months off and suggesting that, yes, a new Amiga chipset could well be on its way, he went so far as to say he knew that a number of developers were already working on a memory card adaptor for the A500. But while Kelly is convinced the prices of memory cards will drop to affordable levels, I'm not so sure.

You're currently looking at paying MAGNETIC PAGES There are thousands of Amiga programs which are available for little more than the price of a disk.

page 18 • How can you benefit from buying a 24-blt colour scanner and Post Script laser printer?

page 25 • PLUS: Tap into typography with our tutorial..

62 Education 60 How to take compiete control with your Amiga PLUS: We show you the easiest and cheapest way to learn French Amiga Video 69 Fancy a low-cost frame grabber or a top-notch digitiser?

A600 Amiga Answers Amiga DOS AMOS Artificial Intelligence Bulletin boards Buying advice Comms Competition Desktop publishing Digi Tiger DTP Education Epson GT 6000 For sale Graphics Letters Listings Magnetic Pages Maif Order Micro French MIDI Mini Office Meurai networks News Page Stream Product Locator Professional Page Programming Public domain Reverse r Roland GS Saxon Publisher Shareware Star Laser Printer II Subscriptions Talking Shop Texture mappers Typography User Groups Video Visionary VLab 10 31 121 84 109 93 144 93 146 16,25,62 69 16,25,62 60 25 125 69 13 126 128 111 78 76 117 109 7 16 140 16 80,126 128 69 125 16 128 25 102 13 69 62 88 69 22 69 Are there any products or subjects you'd like us to take a look at?Well, Just drop a line to: Amiga Shopper, 30, Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW.WELCOME I t must be a great time to be fly on the wall in the offices of Commodore UK.THE ANSWERS START ON PAGE 31 FOR A FULL LIST OF CONTENTS, TURN THE PAGE TTii E. So our designers highlight key elements in the articles by using charts, Your guarantee of value diagrams, summary boxes, annotated photographs and so on. At Future, editors werato under two golden rules: • Understand your readers 1 needs. Buying one of our magazines is like joining a nationwide user group. More pages, better quality: magazines you can trust.magazine comes from Future Publishing, a company founded just seven years ago, but which now sells more computer magazines than any other publisher in Britain. Our titles are packed with tips, suggestions and explanatory features, written by the best in the business. We have a castiron policy of edrtoriaf independence, and our reviews give clear buying recommendations. The home of Britain's finest computer magazines: Amiga Shopper ■ Amiga Format * Amiga Power * Commodore Format • PCW Plus ■ PC Plus ST Format • Your Sinclair * Sega Power Amstrad Action • PC Answers * PC Format Mountain Biking UK - Meedlecraft * Classic CD • Cycling Plus * Photo Plus • Total!

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