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No one said anything, but tried to focus on our dinner. If I was worried about it, I'd cover 'em up, wouldn't I?Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ma put her hands underneath each tit, lean forward and dropped them right on the table! " We just nodded at her, then looked around the table at each other.

It wouldn't have made any difference if I just lay there quietly while they took turns fucking me. But if I didn't do anything but lay there with my legs spread, it might have caused them to get frustrated enough to hurt one of us.There were dried streaks of cum in patches all over her body; her blonde pubic hair was matted.She saw us staring, but did not move or try to hide anything. She took a long drink, then poured some over her head and spread the rest on her tits and crotch.She stumbled down to the pond, waded in and sat down.Ma faced away from the cabin; the water was up to her shoulder blades. She dunked her head, then sat back up and remained in the same position for almost an hour.

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