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So at this point no matter how real the torture looks, it just doesn't have the right effect.The photos of 12 Years a Slave are a perfect example of looking real but does nothing for me.His work is incredibly detailed with some ingenious torture techniques.And as it's already been alluded to, he was one of the first to graphically do extreme stuff. ------------------------- Pedro: Hey, thanks for giving us the heads up on the whipping scene.Fetish artist de Mullotto has reportedly died a few days ago... I never communicated with the man but I sure knew his work from his many book covers and later from bits I saw on the web. It seemed each of his heroines suffered in a manner unique to her and her alone.

If you watch the whipping scenes of 70s or 80s exploitation cinema you should realize how terrible most of these whipping scenes are.

I won't go into too much detail about the reason of the whipping, and why the beautiful (played by: Lupita Nyong'o) is being whipped by two different men (by a slave and by an overseer). Unfortunately, during most of the whipping we see the whipper only, or the face of Lupita combined with the whipper on the scene (front view) but again the reactions of the actress are priceless. We actually see small parts of her skin flying away after each strokes.

I'll write only about the scene itself which takes place at a southern plantation. I don't know how they did it, maybe CGI but very realistic I guess my question would be: Why must the torture be real?

All the rest of the scenes I have watched, the women aren't very appealing to me, the positions they are put in aren't close to the Blakemore type positions which make the girls look hot and helpless.

I would prefer a simulated ZFX film with Kim Noble Xed against the wall over this any day.

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Like our fellow GIMP contributor Blakemore, de Mullotto pushed the envelope, sometimes further than he should have. de Mullatto went far beyond the standard perils depicted by most artists.

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