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So I thought, I’ll take a picture in my mind of this, and I’ll remember it and it will be what keeps me going. I knew I wasn’t going to come back for a while, but I was young, so I was happy to go and explore,” she says.

Lehman's character, a sophisticated art insurance investigator with a mysterious past, is initially intended for a one-off appearance but could recur in future episodes.

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“I thought, look, she’s self-identifying as an actress with pride and excitement. Lehman wasn’t quixotic about what came next, though; she approached it with the pragmatism of a businessperson.

“My eyebrows looked like man eyebrows, and I think he had a John Waters moustache.” That was the job that took the 23-year-old Lehman to Toronto, after which the TV roles rolled in, and it calls to mind one of her last days in Vancouver back then: “I was about to leave, and I was driving over the Lions Gate Bridge and the leaves in Stanley Park were changing.

Traffic was thick, and I just sat on the bridge for a while looking at the ocean, the horizon, and the yellow leaves at the park, and I remember thinking, I better toughen my heart a little, because how am I ever going to leave this place—it’s just so beautiful.

“I had a hard time with her being so tight emotionally.

Everything was about being really contained, so it was an interesting exercise.” Conversely, she’s most at ease in the skin of “I think we have our own identity, and This Fair Land is sort of my way of exploring what that is. I just know that when I chose to stay in Canada, I chose it proudly.” There’s some of Lehman in Detective Flynn; they share a spontaneous energy. “The thing that Angie has given me that is such a tremendous gift is that she is immensely satisfied with her place in the world.

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