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‘They would never throw the kids in first class – we knew we were lucky just to be travelling,’ laughs Bryce.When Chace (a redhead too) started bawling, Bryce offered to take care of her and joked that she was ‘adopting her’ because of the family resemblance.Inscription des films 2018 Participer L'inscription des films pour la Sélection officielle 2018 est ouverte !La date limite de soumission est fixée au 15 février pour les films d'école, au 1er mars pour les courts mét...Bryce looks about 18, although she will be 30 this March.

But when we meet for lunch to discuss Bryce’s own blossoming career – she has a romantic encounter with Matt Damon in Clint Eastwood’s powerful supernatural drama Hereafter – I can’t resist asking her what it was like growing up with the former child star. ‘Schoolfriends used to say, “What did you think of your dad in the show?‘There’s an inherent curiosity about “Ron Howard’s kid”.’ Whatever the impact of the Howard name, it was Bryce’s skill in nailing Rosalind in a New York production of As You Like It, aged 22, that kick-started her career, leading to her role in The Village, followed by Lars von Trier’s Manderlay, M Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water and Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptation of As You Like It. He has so much energy it is infectious and – this may seem completely obvious – he has a devout passion for Shakespeare.’ But it was the popcorn hits that placed her centre stage: Spider-Man 3, Terminator Salvation and her splashiest role so far, as the evil vampire Victoria in last year’s Twilight instalment Eclipse, opposite Kristen Stewart and heart-throbs Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, who were mobbed in Vancouver where they were filming.‘The fans are very passionate,’ she says, ‘but Rob is totally humble and embarrassed about all the attention.’ She agrees that he is gorgeous.‘I just knew that, in our fight scene, if I messed up his hair millions of young women would want to kill me.’Twi-hards don’t need me to tell them that Victoria won’t be returning in the next instalment.But Bryce’s latest role in Hereafter, with Matt Damon and Belgian actress Cécile De France, which opened recently in the States, has already earned her a different level of respect.

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