Most intimidating fans in the nfl

Open since: 1996Capacity: 75,525Born as Ericsson Stadium, Charlotte has had the same NFL venue since it was granted an expansion.

The pirate ship is cool, but with a bunch of new stadiums opening, it has become more middle of the pack.Open since: 2002Capacity: 66,829Foxborough is closer to Providence than Boston, but once one gets used to getting there to watch the most dominant team in the NFL, the stadium brings a jacked-up feel to match the intimidation New England creates for its visitors.Open since: 2001Capacity: 76,125It was important for Denver to keep the attitude associated with the altitude of Mile High.So, we’re basically combining the home-crowd intensity with the ability of the team for the upcoming fall.The NFL is always pushing the single-game attendance experience vs.

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