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"I didn't want to ask him and hear the answer," Hurley said. Judge Lee recalled after the women were included on the jury, he was approached by Oteri who said, "'Can I go off the record, Judge? Off the record.'"Oteri said: 'The dumb son of a bitch thinks they are going to fall in love with him.'"Oteri told The News Journal last week that he didn't recall the conversation. Kaye saw Anne Marie Fahey for medication adjustments and had seen her at p.m.He left church, went to see Capano in prison and quit the case. Judge Lee said he didn't know Capano when "he had the reputation of being a charming man, but in the setting in which I knew him, he was more rodent-like. There was nothing charming about him at all."Oteri, who joined the defense team only months before the trial started, drops a bombshell in his opening statement: He says while Capano did dump Fahey’s body at sea, she died from an “outrageous, horrible, tragic accident.”Capano claims Fahey was shot to death accidentally by Mac Intyre in a jealous fit of rage, while she was attempting suicide. on the day she went to dinner with Capano in Philadelphia and was murdered. Kaye, a psychiatrist who met Fahey hours before she meets Capano for dinner, shows up to testify in a wooden hat.Capano has said he was supposed to golf with Brady the day after Fahey's death.

A Louisiana state representative made the following comment with reporters after the session had passed 14 sex offender laws in a month:'']?''The reporter claimed it was a “joke,” but that quote illustrates a growing problem with Predator Panic—sex offender laws have created a degraded class in America.This particular article covers instances of sex offenders degraded by laws and some of the rationale behind this alarming trend.The concept of “risk” is used as justification for placing sex offenders in a “reduced rights zone [3].” The fact is registered persons are the modern day lepers, but only recently have the courts been bold enough to admit in recent years that sex offenders are officially a “degraded class.”In an appeal of a lawsuit filed against Ohio in 2008, Ohio’s 1st Appellate Court judge Sylvia Hendon boldly stated in her opinion that sex offenders are a degraded class:“By their voluntary acts, sex offenders have surrendered certain protections that arguably are afforded to other citizens.Their conviction of felony offenses puts them into a class that has already been deemed to have no expectation of finality in the consequences of the judgments against them ...

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“We were very discreet about that, the way we phrased our questions, but Oteri was not.

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