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Na zabavi s krijesovima Elena i Stefan se ponu bolje upoznavati, ali ih prekinu kaos i panika nakon to je Vicki napadnuta i ostavljena da krvari od brutalnog ujeda u vrat. d=56B740C011 Epizoda 11: Things We Lost in the Fire

U strahu da zna tko je za to odgovoran Stefan odjuri kui gdje zatekne svog starijeg brata Damona kojeg nije vidio 15 godina. d=55407ADF15 Epizoda 20: I'd Leave My Happy Home For You d=5652ED5614 Epizoda 8: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Jeremy je vie izloen putu u propast zato to se drui s haamanima, pa se i sam pone drogirati kako bi sakrio bol koju nosi. I read their eyes, knowing they rely dating me to make the cut. Special powers given fo birth come with a price, stronger and more powerful than any human can handle on their own.There is a test for each power, but unknown to each individual, they must earn that gift and share it unselfishly with others, instead of losing it to greater powers.To the human eye, these powers are hidden, to those trained in the arts, no power goes unnoticed. Dating she pperks able to stop the evil following her and fulfill her prophecy?Elise is of age to earn her special powers, ones that she is fnuny she holds. Ty Singleton has spent much of her life working with children and young adults.

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Radnja serije ''The Vampire Diaries'' vrti se oko tinejdžerke Elene koja se zaljubljuje u novog učenika, zgodnog i misterioznog Stefana, koji je ujedno i vampir.

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