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The Blur patroled the city but he was missing living life as Clark.Lois came back from her time jump and the Blur couldn't help but keep in touch with Lois.It doesn't change that he loved her more maturely and more honestly than he ever loved Lana.He choose to open up to Lois, he choose to walk down the aisle with her, something he never did with Lana.He may have been very passionate about Lana, but he never tried after season 4 to move the relationship really forward, in their "perfect" season 7 they played house but he never proposed, he didn't trust her with his powers, admittedly she kinda didn't really deserve that extension of trust but regardless it's a relationship killer, also he kept their relationship at a rather child like level...only when she had super powers did they have sex even after he could have found some blue-k and kept it in the bedroom for super-safe sex, why?

Lois was his soul mate and they were ready to share their lives together with Clark as the hero he was distined to be with no strings attached. Don't get me wrong, I like Lana (although I am a Clois fan) but it seemed to me like the writers had Clark choose to try again with Lana rather than move on with Lois. He only tried with Lois after Lana was forced out of his life.

He even traveled back in time just to arrive at the right time to pick up Lois at the airport and please her.

I see what the two people above me are saying and I am 100% certain that if Lana had come back kryptonite free in season 9 or 10, it wouldn't have made the slightest difference.

Well it could ether be lazy writing or what I prefer to think, that he was unwilling to change himself to be with her at that point, same reason he didn't get a blue-k ring so they could be together when she was green-k infected, which is good, you shouldn't have to change to be with someone, which both Clark and Lana felt was true for them.

Their relationship couldn't survive him having super-powers and her not having them, and while the Lana arc of season 8 was written it still had the love between Clark and Lana unable to overcome the strange speed bumps they run into, which were not thrown at them from the outside but often more internal problems, the green-k being part of Lana was a great metaphor for that... So Clark and Lois only got together after Lana and Clark had their one Millionth go at it.

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I think they needed to talk and get some things settled.

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